What is a Rare Brand?

There is one BIG rule, the brands have to be RARE - in the words of Wikipedia they have to be: "not widely known and valued for their uncommonness".

Sometimes the brand is known but not in a certain area of the country. For example we have many London brands that have a great awareness in London but would be considered rare in other parts of the UK.

We always look at the "back story" when curating brands for our events or our club, often the story about how a business was founded is a wonderful indication of the passion behind the products or services. Passion always produces rarities.

When selecting Rare Brands we sometimes approach businesses that are not local to the South and South West Coast where we operate, so in recent years we have built together an amazing team of Free lance sales staff to support brands who are unable to travel to our events or have staffing issues. If that still does not work for some, we also offer our CLUB MEMBERSHIP. Full details of this can be found on a dedicated page on this website, entitled The Rare Brand Club.

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