Wellness at The CASS - Friday 20th March 2020

The power of the mind retreat day

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This event will be our 3rd Wellness Retreat Day, this time to be held at our newest venue, The Cass Sculpture Park, on the Goodwood Estate. We are very privileged to be able to hire this spectacularly RARE venue for this Retreat Day. The day will be all about harnessing "The Power of the Mind". The day will start and end with an empowering Yoga session hosted by two locally based Yoga Studios. The main Wellness lectures during the day will be run by Dr Tara Swart who is a best selling author on Brain Neuroscience and function and Dr Kate Delaney who founded a company called Life is now and is a mindfulness guru. Both ladies are totally RARE and so inspiring, do read more about them below. In between the wellness sessions there will be some amazing POP-UP retail stands so that you can indulge in some Retail therapy too! These will be only x10 RARE Brands that our founder Emma Schwarz has personally selected as ten of her favourites for ultra RARENESS right now - a mix of Fashion, Beauty, Jewellery and Boutique Travel! Finally there will be a seated 2-course Lunch celebrating Plant Based Food. The entire day runs 9am to 5pm and is priced at £75 including all Food and alcoholic refreshments! Only x50 tickets available, this event is very exclusive.

As well as our expert speakers, the day will offer a two course lunch plus tea & coffee

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Dr. Tara Swart

Dr Tara Swart is a neuroscientist, author and leadership adviser working with leaders worldwide to help them achieve mental resilience and peak brain performance, improve their ability to manage stress, regulate emotions, and retain information. We can all benefit from adopting habits that helps us access the untapped parts of our brains.The key is to focus on the basics and to introduce small but effective changes that can help our brain. “I wrote this book for people who want to improve their lives based on rigorous science but are also interested in alternative thinking. I used the advances in neuroscience research to explain things that we intuitively felt were helpful, but previously did not know exactly why.”To learn more about Dr Tara Swart here https://www.taraswart.com/

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Kate Delaney

Followed by Kate Delaney PHD, a locally based Mindfulness coach. She is planning to educate you in her talk about the power of mindfulness and how to become aware of our thoughts, feelings and experiences moment by moment. Her whole ethos is to enables her clients to learn how to take a step back and observe life from a place of peace and acceptance.To learn more about Kate , you can read more here ( https://www.lifeisnow.co.uk/)

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Neil Smith

The last session of the day will be taken by Neil Smith Lano yoga founder who owns a hot and non hot yoga studio in the centre of Chichester. Neil is a Bikram teacher but plans to spend his time with you educating you about why this form of exercise can not only strengthen your flexibility and breathing but make your body stronger and give you mental wellbeing. This session will be by candle light and beautiful way to close your day. To learn more about Neil and his team, you can read more on ( https://lanoyoga.com/ )

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Fran Pennant

Blessed is a brand new yoga studio just outside chichester, founded by Niki Perry who has been teaching in the are for the last ten years. Blessed was born from a simple vision to help people transform their bodies and minds and achieve balance in an otherwise hectic world. Niki believes the more you practice the deeper you will connect with yourself, others and the world around you. At the blessed studio there are many fabulous teachers and we have been blessed ourselves with getting the lovely Fran to teach a pop up yoga session at the start of the day. To learn more about Niki and her team, you can read more here ( http://www.weareblessed.com/)