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At The Rare Brand Market, we love uncovering emerging brands of fabulous product but also lifestyle services. Our customer cares about their Wellbeing and wants to learn about new, interesting yet research backed advice for living well and achieving optimum health. We hand select all the Wellness Speakers we work with, the number one rule is that these specialists have to be REAL PEOPLE with track records, not just one hit wonder aspirational instagrammers! We love finding specialists who not only are teaching something new and rare but also have an empowering, inspirational style and their advice is helpful, practical and attainable.

We have two types of Wellness events, one is a regularly organised Wellness Wednesday evening (usually once a month) involving 1-2 speakers, the other is a Wellness Retreat Day, this is normally when we cover a big subject area and involve multiple speakers to really drill down on the information and provide more of a "toolkit" of advice.

To give you a hint of how good our Wellness speakers are, watch these videos