All our Wellness Wednesday events start at 8pm with the doors opening at 7:30pm with a start at 8:00pm

Self care and wellness have never been more important for living in today’s modern world.

We know our customers care about wellbeing and leading a healthier life. We are passionate about finding Rare Brands and businesses who are doing something unique, so we have applied this to the Wellness sector.

Come enjoy an evening of Wellness Education and Inspiration! Each scheduled Wednesday we will have 2 great speakers and there will always be a splattering of retail from some newly discovered Rare Brands.

13th November 2019 - Create a 'life shift' in your life & How to feel well The Kennels, on the Goodwood Estate

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9th October 2019 - The Disease Delusion & the power of herbs The Kennels, on the Goodwood Estate

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25th September 2019 - How to feel well - Melanie Lawson (founder of Bare Biology) and The Psychology behind eating - Sarah Moore (Founder of Kale and Cake Nutrition) at The OxMarket Gallery

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11th September 2019 - Living well for Cancer prevention - Doctor Sam Watts (Founder of Mind Body Medical) at Candida Stevens Art Gallery

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Wellness Wednesdays will POP UP in different locations, but this year we will mainly be at either The OxMarket Gallery, Candida Steves Art Gallery or Farbridge Barns...

The venues that host Wellness Wednesday are curated and wonderfully RARE of course!

We are starting the night at 8pm, but you can arrive anytime from 7.30pm; we do imagine most of you will eat beforehand either in the city or at home. On arrival there will be complimentary tea and coffee, or if a glass of wine is desired, a small pay bar will be available. We will serve some homemade sugar-free cake each evening, to add deliciously to the light refreshments.

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