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Caroline Hanson - Love Parent Love

As the mother of 4 kids aged 7-17 - 3 of whom have Special Educational Needs - Caroline Hanson has at times struggled to know where to turn when life threw curve balls.

Through her emerging business, loveparentlove, she offers bespoke, parent driven solutions and strategies to individuals, families and couples seeking support as they face the challenges of raising the future. Her struggles do not have to be those of others.

Passionate about parenting, she has devoted the last 17 years to full time caring while studying child psychology, meditation, mindfulness and personal development.

Caroline, from Love Parent Love, will be talking about the Parental Journey and how to make the most of it. She will concentrate on four main areas, 1) Discovering how to achieve calm parenting, 2) How to respond rather than react to your child (ren), 3) How to appreciate why Self Compassion is unselfish and 4) How to incorporate calm strategies into daily routines. Finally she will be teaching how to drop the Mama Guilt or even better why the guilt is useful and learn ways to make it positive.

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Lucinda Miller - Nature Doc

Lucinda Miller, from Nature Doc is A Naturopath, Iridologist, Herbalist & Functional Medicine Practitioner, Lucinda takes a scientific and holistic approach to identifying health problems, using laboratory testing and gentle, natural interventions to provide solutions.

Lucinda will focus on why Nourishing our children can effect their mental wellbeing and how anxious they feel. Teaching us latest research Lucinda will detail literally why what we feed our children can effect their brain and body function. Lucinda has 9 clinics in the UK so vast Case Study knowledge about children and response to Nutrition and Nourishment. She also has wide ranging experience with children with allergies and illness.

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Sanela Lukanovic - Grounded Parenting

Sanela is a leadership coach for women who want to create success at work and connection at home. She champions an approach to be unapologetically brave whilst being kind, compassionate and true to ourselves. Sanela specialise in facilitating the Daring Way™ method based on the transformational research of Dr. Brené Brown. She’s been coaching for over a decade and has worked in the corporate world, business schools and in private practice.

Parenting is the greatest leadership role we’ll ever have yet we spend so little time understanding who we are as parents. We embark on this equally heartwarming and difficult journey armed with tools on how to parent but we’re often unaware of how our own beliefs, limitation or expectations are affecting our ability to be the parents we want to be. We explore how to cultivate parenting from a place of self knowledge, compassion and deep connection that can create families with a deep sense of unconditional belonging. Who we are as parents matters much more than how we parent because it is not what we say but who we are and how we engage with the world that is the greatest predictor of who our kids will become.

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Laura Coleman - Be Modern Meditation

Laura created Be. Modern Meditation to make meditation attainable and accessible no matter what your life looks like. Having discovered the transformative power of meditation during her own parenting journey, she is passionate about helping others do the same. She studied Psychology and Mindfulness at Monash University and trained in Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) which kept bringing her back to meditation as a fundamental wellness practice.

In this workshop Laura will demystify how modern stress affects you and your children. You’ll also gain tools to help develop a “pause” button - allowing you to be more mindful and more aware of your own reactions so you can enjoy the precious present moment. You’ll learn simple techniques that you can pass on to help your family create head space and build connection with less overthinking and anxiety.

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Elizabeth O'Shea - Parent 4 Success

Elizabeth O’Shea is a parenting coach, author, speaker, child behavioural expert and the director of Parent 4 Success, which she set up 8 years ago.

She is one of the leading parenting specialists in the UK.

She appears regularly on BBC TV and Radio. she has appeared on BBC Breakfast (with Charlie and Louise on the sofa). She has also been interviewed on Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, The BBC World Service, and appears regularly on Sky News.

She is qualified in four different types of parenting courses

She offers busy parents the best bespoke parenting courses using tried and tested effective methods, face-to-face or on-line.

How to Manage Your Child’s Emotions & Build Resilience

  • Help your child manage difficult emotions

  • Decrease your child’s angry outbursts

  • Build your child’s resilience, and help them bounce back from disappointments

  • The talk will be full of handy tips and practical advice so parents can go home with practical steps to use with their children straight away.

As I mentioned it is full of handy tips and practical advice, (rather than fluff.) So, parents can go home with practical steps to use with their children straight away.

It will be suitable for parents of children from 2 to 16.