Wellness at the barn Workshops/Talks Explained...

To learn more about the content of the "Midlife Toolkit Retreat Day" please read the below information. Laura, Lucinda, Sally and Indika are market leading Wellness professionals and we are SO LUCKY to have them as our Key Note Speakers. In accordance with our Wellness Wednesday philosophy these Ladies are REAL WOMEN and will educate and inspire you and give you practical, research based information. They will create clarity for you in all their subject areas and they will dispel Media Myths and Confusion. We have nick named this day, a "Midlife Toolkit Retreat Day" for you to practice some Self Care and give yourself a day to Rejuvenate and be Empowered, the Mid-life point in our life can be pretty overwhelming on many fronts, so give yourself the gift of this precious day, just for you. It makes a great day with a bunch of friends too! Remember with the Retreat Day Ticket package you get Lunch too from our Pop-up BBVegan Cafe! So if the below sounds like Wellness Education you need in your life then CLICK HERE TO BOOK.


Mindset for reinvention

Laura Coleman is the founder of www.bemodernmeditation.com and applies very contemporary Brain Training techniques in her Meditation philosophy. The need for Meditation in the Modern time-poor world we live in has never been more necessary and the Midlife point is a key time to re-group mindset wise to ensure our thoughts are clear and uncluttered.

Often in all the busy-ness of “doing” our life, we lose touch with who we are. Overwhelm can creep in and it can feel hard to know where we’re going. On the outside, often we look fine but inside we don’t feel it, with a mind that never stops thinking. Over time, that nagging sense that something isn’t quite right or that maybe there’s more to life gets louder. That’s where meditation can help. Far from being just a “feel good” activity, meditation has been proven to reduce stress, depression and anxiety and increase immune function, focus and attention. Leaving you more able to handle life and with a renewed sense of who you are and where you want to go. This session will demystify meditation so you can learn not just how to do it but also the science behind how and why it works. You’ll leave with a fresh perspective on meditation and with tools to make it part of your modern, busy life.


Nourishing Children & Female Hormones

Lucinda Miller is founder of www.naturedoc.co.uk and Author of the hugely acclaimed Book "The Good Stuff". As a Functional Medicine specialist, she will be taking talks on two areas; "Nourishing Children" and separately a session on "Female Hormones"

Nourishing Children

Bringing up children can be a rollercoaster ride and this is compounded by the rise in anxiety, behavioural problems, learning difficulties and poor immunity. Recent medical research has found that when you nourish bodies, minds and souls with proper food, you are building the health and resilience which everyone needs to stay happy, focused and well – even when life sends its inevitable challenges. Since a child’s brain and body development continues until they are well into their twenties, what they eat now lays down the foundations of their future health.

Female Hormones

Post-natal depletion and exhaustion followed by the years leading up to the menopause can be challenging, especially when hormones go out of kilter. Mood and energy levels can be the first areas to be affected and can slowly creep up or strike out of the blue. So it’s often difficult to make the connection between mood changes, sleep disturbance and weight gain with pesky hormone deviations. This is a time in your life to prirotise YOU for once - learn to nourish yourself with simple nutrition strategies and start to feel calm, vibrant and energised again.


Resilience Training

Sally Harding of www.sallyhardingcoaching.com is a truly inspirational lady. We felt compelled to bring Sally in to talk about Resilience as we need it more than ever before at the "Midlife Stage".

"For most of us, the hundred of miniature bruises we experience each day determine the overall quality of our lives far more dramatically than the giant traumas that punctuate the decades" - Bonnie St. John. So very true! In this workshop you'll learn how to rethink your approach to stress so to thrive in this season of life. Be equipped with easy to implement strategies to release a more resilient you right in the detail of your every today. Diving beyond the science of fight or flight to understand the minor shifts that create major boosts in your energy and productivity. Gift yourself this time to dial up your resilience to bounce back with confidence & ease to live your better story.


Holistic Health & The Gut

Dr Indika of www.drindika.com is an experienced NHS GP turned Functional Medicine and Lifestyle Doctor. She is on a mission to help the growing movement of health professionals and patients tackle the burden of chronic disease with powerful science-driven holistic approaches that cause positive and empowering whole-body shifts that are often far superior to mainstream pharmaceuticals and other disease-focussed strategies.

Having been through her own health journey, Dr. Indika empathises with those who are going through mental and physical health struggles and fully understands how challenging it is to be consistent with lifestyle and behavioural changes within the fast pace of modern life.

Holistic Health

Our bodies are innately wired to heal and thrive given the right conditions. The challenge we face within our modern lives is that we are often bombarded with curveballs that affect our our mind, body and spiritual health. The good news is that, with improved awareness, there is actually a lot within our control that can positively impact the terrain of our health. In this talk you will learn of some holistic strategies that goes beyond eating well, exercising and not smoking or drinking, that you can implement straight away.

Your foundations, Your Gut

The key foundation to your holistic health strategy is your gut health. In part 2 of Dr Indika’s wellness at the barn talks, she will simplify the biology, debunk the ins and outs of probiotics, and delve into some overlooked causes. You will come away with more valuable insight and some actionable steps on how to re-establish healthy digestion.