Wellness Wednesday Themes & dates

Nov 14th - staying Young over 40 & the power of your mindset to achieve your goals (dr Louise and Helen packham)

14th November - Doors open at 7:30pm for an 8pm start

This evening Dr Louise will tell us all about a book She had written with talks about ageing and being over 40, sharing top tips for staying young and discussing key issues women face at the midlife point.

Helen Packham will talk about the power of your mindset - how women can improve their presence, and impact, resilience, work life balance and transitions to parenthood to step into higher versions of themselves

£20 - BOOK

To read more about Helen please visit her website - www.helenpackham.com

oxmarket gallery can be found off of little London, alongside the east street m&s Carpark so right in the heart of the city centre