Handmade originals – a collection of lifestyle products in upcycled sailcloth and marine canvas

Friends since childhood, Juliette and Mandi set up Sails and Canvas in June 2015…and for them its all about the sailcloth!

We have a passion for old sails ‚Äì they come in to us after a life of adventure often smelling of the sea and crusty with salt, they have been loved by their owners and then we give them a new life and pass on that love. Our original sailcloth & colourful marine canvas lifestyle products are hand made in our estuary sail loft workshop on Topsham Quay in Devon. 

Every sail we use means less sailcloth ends its life in landfill and that is our other passion…reduce, reuse and recycle.









Sails & Canvas

Email Address - crew@sailsandcanvas.co.uk

Contact Name - Juliette and Mandi

Region - Topsham