Crafted with the finest naturally gluten-free ingredients

SuperSeed & SuperGrin Artisan Pasta were born from two gardeners‚Äô, long-standing dream of making healthy, nutritious & tasty gluten free pasta.

Soulmates, Marianna, a coeliac and dyslexic and Keith, a gluten intolerant and diabetic are both passionate about food and healthy living so started to make pasta out of ancient grains and seeds already familiar to them as gardeners. The pastas they made proved to be scrumptious & flavoursome, so they decided to try to make a living out of it...

Nomad Health pastas are good for everyone (not just for gardeners!) - full of nutrition, have low sugar levels (great for diabetics) and are bursting with protein and fibre! They will keep you on the move – no more energy slump after having a delicious pasta meal.

Nomad Healths approach is fresh, but the methods used are traditional, to give you good, tasty products with a homemade feel.

Nomad Healths creative approach to gluten-free pasta making will pleasantly surprise you!







Nomad Health

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