Swimwear for Boys and Men 

Rachel Smith-Bingham made the move from management consulting and media into fashion to establish BUNKS her swimwear brand for men and boys, that combines unique design, exclusivity and a respect for our oceans. Bunks launched in Spring 2017…

“I am not from a retail or ‘fashion’ background so I have needed to learn a lot too. One point thats really important is that I have set up BUNKS to be a brand that is related to memorable holidays and travel rather than as a fashion brand”.

The BUNKS product has some unique attributes, such as the environmentally friendly packaging, the swing tag which can be reused as a luggage label and the UV protection in the fabric. Also, BUNKS does not add any more plastic to the worlds oceans and there is an exclusivity to BUNKS – the production runs are small – which adds to the uniqueness of the brand.

UV protection is a standard for most swimwear brands so it was a ‘given’ that the fabric had to be UP50 protective (especially since BUNKS started with boys' sizes).



Bunks Trunks

Email Address - hello@bunkstrunks.com

Contact Name - Rachel Smith-Bingham