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With years of experience as a gardener and landscaper in Hampshire, Nick Edmonds has always had a passion for plants and wildlife. By spending most of his time outdoors, Nick has found himself observing the wonders of the natural world. It was about 10 years ago that his passion for bees began – for both honey and solitary bees.

Most of us know something about bees – but our knowledge is mainly about honey and bumble bees. Solitary bees tend to get less attention. This is because much of the publicity around the decline in the bee population has concentrated on honey bees.

Over the last 3 years, Nick has worked with a friend, Duncan Green, to create a well designed, durable and stylish nesting place for solitary bees – the beepalace.

Made entirely in England by an artisan potter in Stoke-on-Trent the beepalace is slip cast in small batches and hand glazed. It is designed to be a focal point in a garden and to look attractive on its own or in group – just hang it on a wall or fence.





Bee Palace

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