Avlaki Olive oils are bottled unfiltered within weeks of harvesting the olives to capture the amazing aroma & taste of freshly milled olive oil.

Supermarket olive oils bear no relation to the fresh oils, just pressed from the best fruit picked within 24 hours. AVLAKIs organic Extra Virgin olive oils are about capturing that exceptional taste and aroma of freshly milled oils – as well as the nutritional benefits – in the bottle.

Avlaki don‚Äôt mess about with the oils: no filtering, no blending, no bulking the product with bland oils and so diluting the taste of the best oils. They come from a very small area on the south coast of the Greek island of Lesvos ‚Äì renowned for producing olive oil of an exceptionally light texture: They don‚Äôt leave a nasty film in the mouth, they never overwhelm ingredients ‚Äì so you can use them for all sorts of cuisine ‚Äì from salads right up to frying eggs and chips….. and everything in between.

Avlaki pick only in December, when the olives are at their optimum for quality and taste; they go to the mill within 24 hours and as clean as possible – no blemishes, rotten fruit, twigs and leaves and are immediately put into airtight containers after milling. Avlaki then bottle the oils, unfiltered, as soon as possible in the UK for quality control.

AVLAKIs oils have organic certification for every stage of the journey from tree to bottle, and they are verified ‘Extra Virgin’ with chemical and organoleptic tests in an International Olive Oil Council certified laboratory.

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